How Pillows Affect Sleep

contour pillowYour shoulder width actually plays a very important part in choosing the ideal pillow for your neck pain. The wider your shoulder is, the higher your head will be when you sleep on your side. Preferably, your head should be perfectly aligned with your neck and thus your spine as you sleep on your sides. For this to happen, the pillow loft or height must match your shoulder width. Also, the pillow filling is important to prevent your head from ‘sinking’ too much into the pillow. When that happens, again, your neck muscles will be strained in order for your head to be tilted forward as you sleep on your back.

Most pillows also tend to lose their density or ‘bounce’ after a while. It is highly advised that you change your pillow every now and then. If you ask me, a good time to change your pillows would perhaps be every 6 months or so. Even the best pillow brands like Snuggle-Pedic tend to encounter such issues. The problem isn’t so much that these pillows brands aren’t using the best materials. It is more the fact that even the best materials for ‘neck pain’ tend to deteriorate over time. Such neck pillows will flatten and lose their ability to fluff back up. This way, they also lose their neck support.